Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91)

21.7.1587 (Friday 21 July 1587)

document 66600007

essoins Thos Sampford by Humph Brocke Jn Aylet by Robt Woodward Jn Cockerell by Wm Deverell Jn Prentice of Colne Engaine by Xoph Isaacke Wm Prentice of Colne Engaine by the bailiff Robt Sewell of Pebmarsh by Xoph Isaacke Edw Wade of Colland by Jn Kendall Robt Peerson gentleman by Hen Birde Rich Ennewes by Jn Greene Wm Fisher of Buers by the bailiff Jn Parker the elder by Wm Bunner Robt Partridge of Colchester gentleman by Wm Loveney Robt Rooks by Thos Leffingwell Thos Smythe tanner by Wm Catte Rich Heyward by Wm Bunner Jn Ancell by Edw Catte Jn Grygges by Thos Kelton gentleman Jn Knight by Rich Parker Agnes Bieston widow by the bailiff Wm Mace of Pellden by Jn Parker Jn Sparrowe senior by Wm Catte