Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

5.1.32Eliz1 (Monday 5 January 1590)

document 66800144

essoin Ralph Scyday by Esdras Wade Jn Cutler by Esdras Wade Wm Fisher by the bailiff Robt Church by Jn Church his brother Jn Leffingwell by Barth Leffingwell his son Wm Brewer by Jn Brewer (may be Jn Brewer) Thos Underwood by Esdras Wade Thos Polley senior by Thos Allen Rich Heyward by Jn Reynold Thos Smithe by Robt Reade Thos Man by Robt Carter Robt Rooks by Xoph Isaacke Robt Peartree by Xoph Isaacke Francis Wenford by Jn Gremarde Wm Mace of Pelleden by Xoph Isaacke Joan Pierson widow by Robt Reade Lawrence Gilotte by Wm Browne Francis Newton by Jn Gonner