Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

15.4.38Eliz1 (Thursday 15 April 1596)

document 67100229

default tenants and deceners mercy     who say on their oaths that Geo Sayer gentleman 6d Dan Sidaie gentleman 6d     Marshall gentleman 6d Jn Cockerell 6d Jn Sawen 4d Lance Gillot 4d Peter Gillot 4d Robt Michell 4d Jn Prentice 4d Ralph Sidaie 4d Edw Wade 4d Jn King 4d Robt Parker 4d Wm Clarke of Pebmarsh 4d Francis Stephens in right of his wife 4d Thos Collen 4d Jn Ansell 4d Jn Jeggen 4d Clem Conney 4d Francis Burton Frankham Harrison Thos Norfolk Thos Wade Thos Smith (may be Thos Smith) Jn Brewer glover Hen Morley Jn Wenford Jn Parker Wm Browne Hen Pollie Rich Clark Geo Baker Wm Gerrard Jn Hatch Steph Champney Hen Wright Robt Clarke Simon Kendall Wm Dishborne Pare Harvie Rich Allen Thos Peirce Robt Sipthorpe Edw Paine and Thos Mosse are tenants and residents within the precincts of this view and at this day solemnly required did not appear but made default therefore every of them severally in mercy as appears above their heads