Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/163/9 Rich Harlakenden v Wm Eedies et al)

16.7.4Jas1 (Wednesday 16 July 1606)

document 19100881

Robt Peartree tailor doesn't know whether there was any rent reserved on the lease made to Sam Diglette in .5.last Wm Strutte asked him to go with him to the mill to see the peace to demand his rent he was afraid to go alone on demanding the rent Jn Cooper was there with a pitchfork and Cooper or another servant was there but there was a forest bill there Sam Diglette offered to strike Strutte with a crow of iron when Strutte was setting his foot on the shuttle he himself was outside the door but came in and willed Diglette to keep the peace he saw Diglette before strike Mary's legs so that she fell having a young child and being great with child since then she has miscarried and it is thought the other child will hardly recover two with Wm Eedies and Mary are Jn and Edw Smith when Strutte was in the mill Mary went in and then Wm came and with his shoulder he thrust open the door of the dwelling house of the mill at which time Diglette told Peartree to stay in the house with the Eedies saying he didn't know why they were there but he had money in the house and therefore needed a constable or he would lay it to his charge if any of the money was missing so he stayed longer than he would have done then left leaving Eedies and Cooper and Diglette in the mill and then said on saturday afternoon this all happened