Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

6.9.1731 (Monday 6 September 1731)

document 10904373

we present the overseers accounts for the year last past being Jos Bott and Jn Cook the disbursements of Jos Bott amounting to     the disbursments of Jn Cook amounting to     and Jos Botts both 139li3s8d and they charge themselves with two rates one eight quarters and half and the other thirteen quarters and half we present to his majesties justices of the peace for this county officers for the year ensuing Jn Hatch Ambr Towers churchwardens Jos Bott Jas Brabrook Jn Granger Ambr Wright overseers Rich Stringer Jn Newton Jn May Oliver Johnson Rich Argent Jn Pratt Jn Unwin Geo Wall Jn Brewster Isaac Potter