Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

30.9.1742 (Thursday 30 September 1742)

document 11500606

workhouse 30.9.1742 30.9. to Chas Andrews for two weeks beef 37lb and two cheeks 10s8d to mr Morley for two loads of wood at the stubb# 1li to Jacob Green's bill for mending shoes 5s2d to Sam Christmas for shoes a bill 1li6s2d to Jn Wale esq for quit rent thirteen years for Old Hall and yard 1li9s11d to Jn Brasier a bill for breeches 7s6d to Jas Brabrook a bill for grinding 16s8d to mr Hawkins a bill for sugar and rice 14s6d to Isaac Potter his salary 12s6d to mrs Harrington for milk and cheese 1li17s9d to Jos Bott a bill 4li18s1h to Thos Mann for a load of spray 8s to carriage of two loads of wood bought of mr Morley 6s to mr Tabor's bill for coals 1li14s6d to Jn White's bill 14s1d to Wm Root for half a years rent 1li10s to mr Thos Smith's bill 2li7s7d to Jeff Cook's bill 1li16s2d to Dan London senior a bill 9s11d to Franc Martin a bill 5s11d to Eliz Bridge a bill for sewing work 5s1d to mrs Leaper a bill for butter 11s6d to mr Leaper's own bill for wheat 8li15s to mr Leaper a bill for malt and hops 4li7s to dr Smith for his salary 2li7s3d to Jn Unwin a bill 15s6d to dr Smith a bill for Blackwell's wife 8s 39li19s11d