Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

30.3.1743 (Wednesday 30 March 1743)

document 11501135

workhouse 30.3.1743 30.3.1743 to Jos Pond for 18lb of beef 4s to two cheeks 1s6d 2.4.1743 to mr Harrington for pease and milk 2li11s7d 2.4.1743 to Jos Bott a bill of small things 6s3d3f 2.4.1743 to Jn Unwin for malt and oatmeal 1li17s5d1h 2.4.1743 to mr Martin for glazing at the workhouse 3s1h 2.4.1743 to Jacob Green two bills for mending shoes 5s1d 2.4.1743 to Jeff Cook a bill for coffins etc 18s6d 2.4.1743 to mr Smith a weeks bill 5s1d to mr Smith for linen cloth etc 17s1f 2.4.1743 to Robt Hull a bill for shoes 18s2d 2.4.1743 to Jn Leaper for seven loads of spray 2li16s 4.4.1743 to Jos Cook governor for small things 7s1d3f 4.4.1743 to Jas Brabrook's own bill for breadstuff 15li2s8d 4.4.1743 to Thos Man for fetching of coals and for oil 2li12s11d 4.4.1743 to Jn White a bill 3s8d3f 4.4.1743 to the constables their whole years disbursements 2li11s8d 4.4.1743 to dr Smith for his half years salary 2li12s6d and another bill for extraordinaries 4.4.1743 to Isaac Potter his salary 12s 4.4.1743 to Wm Root for half a year for the pesthouse 1li10s 4.4.1743 to mr Jn Page a bill for washing of clothes for people in the workhouse etc 3li18s7d 41li14s11d1h