Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates (PRO RG6/1379)

30.11.1682 (Thursday 30 November 1682)

document 9800658

1682 whereas Hen Havens of Colchester in the county of Essex son of Hen Havens of the town and county aforesaid baymaker and Hannah Drywood of Coggeshall Magna in the county of Essex daughter of Joseph Drywood of the town and county aforesaid have propounded their intentions of marriage unto several meetings of the people of god called quakers in Coggeshall and Earls Colne and the said meetings having made inquiry concerning them and finding them clear and free from all other persons and nothing appearing to hinder their proceedings in their said intentions of marriage the said meetings gave their consent in the matter these are therefore to certify all whom it doth or may concern that for the full of their said intentions the said Hen Havens jun and Hannah Drywood did come into our public meeting place in Coggeshall aforesaid upon the 30.11.1682 and in a public assembly then and there met in our presence did signify their then taking each other in Marriage pronouncing these words following with an audible voice viz the said Hen Havens jun taking the said Drywood by the hand said friends in the fear of the lord and in the presence of his people I Hen Havens take Hannah Drywood to be my wife and do promise to be a loving and tender husband unto her until the lord by death shall please to separate one from the other then the said Hannah Drywood taking the said Hen Havens jun by the hand said friends I Hannah Drywood take Hen Havens to be my husband and I to promise to be a loving and faithful wife until until (sic) death separate and for the better confirmation of this their said marriage the parties have hereunto first subscribed their names and we who were then present are witnesses that they were so married Hen Havens jun Hen Havens sen Joseph Drywood sen Jn Drywood Jn Havens Thos Drywood Robt Ludgater sen Robt Adams Geo Harvys Robt Ludgater jun Geo Guyon Jn Ludgater Jn Fryit Wm Ashpoole Robt Yardley Edw Mines etc Ann Drywood Eliz Drywood Mary Ludgater sen Ann Meaken Sarah Currice Sarah Ludgater Martha Ludgater