Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000070

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 3s - Hen Holgate Carwardine as trustee for mrs Sarah Miller and her children, under the will of his brother, the late Thos Carwardine of Stepney who died 1.11.1822 (and was there buried)

10.6.1823 H.H. Carwardine admitted in trust for Sarah Miller and children under the will of his brother Thos to all that cottage or tenement called Humphries or otherwise abutting on land called Chalkney Croft on the one part and on the highway leading from Earls Colne towards Great Tey on the other part. And also to all those crofts of land called Chalkney Crofts containing by estimation 2a - under circumstances no fine levied

1707 Hen Adams

1775 Wm Adams

1781 Eliz Gripper and Jn

1787 Math Moule

1796 Sam Francis and Mira

1813 Thos Carwardine jun

Sold 7.12.1863 on death of Sarah Miller . Purchased by the rev J.B. Carwardine who sold it to the lord of the manor 29.9.1864 whereby it becomes free. Conveyance from J.B. Carwardine to H.H. Carwardine 21.6.1864

sketch plan

No. 140 (140) Commutation map - the tenement and garden called Humphries 1r16p

No. 139 (139) Commutation map the croft called Chalkney Croft 2a1r22p - total 2a2r38p

The tenement called Humphries is usually now called Peaks Corner . It lies on the road to Tey between Chiffin Hop Ground, now garden ground and Milles Farm - near the drift way through Milles into Chalkney Wood common to mr H.H. Carwardine and R.H. Solly . This copyhold is held in trust, together with other freehold property called Chiffin Hop Ground and Sandpit Croft - the whole to be sold on the death of Sarah Miller and proceeds divided according to the will of late Thos Carwardine

Terrier 1598 Fo.     . Abstract of title no. 61