Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000285

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 1li6s3d - Wm Phil Honywood 3.11.1852 on surrender of Rich Oliver Johnson to all that messuage or tenement with the buildings and appurtenances called the Hayhouse and several pieces of land pasture and hopground containing 32a more or less. And to one piece of meadow containing 3a more or less. And to Slade Land containing 8a more or less. And to 1a more or less in Longland

1734 Abigail Johnson - will of her brother Jos Abbutt

1755 Abigail Johnson (afterwards wife of Edw Bradley ) on death of mother Abigail wife of Oliver Johnson

1760 Oliver Johnson surrender of Edw and Abigail Bradley

1785 Oliver Johnson will of uncle Oliver Johnson

1835 Rich Oliver Johnson death of father Oliver Johnson

Observations on mr Johnson's copyhold assessment of fine etc.

The lands copyhold of both manors to which mr Rich Oliver Johnson was admitted 26.5.1835 on the death of his father as entered on the rolls and described in the maps and Terrier of 1598 and other manorial documents in the lord's possession - and entered in his book page 84 to 97, inclusive, (with references in red ink to the folio in the old Terrier) - are pretty clearly made out - but from the obliteration of boundary fences and other alterations made since that time, for agricultural improvements etc. - it would be extremely difficult to locate them separately by the Commutation map of 1836

The fine assessed upon the property 1835 on the death of Oliver Johnson was 550li - which the lord compromised for 525li and a present to a poor relation of mr Johnson - but this did not include Shepherds Cottage (page 96) to which mr R.O. Johnson had been previously admitted in 1833 on a purchase fine of 15li. Neither did it include the Old Vicarage Glebe , of which he came into possession in 1841 and on which no fine was assessed under the circumstances of the exchange - The whole property (with the exception of Shepherds Cottage then occupied by miss Octavia Johnson ) was advertised for sale by auction 12.12.1850 In the printed particulars of sale the vendor gives the extent of this property as 412a2r3p - Of which he makes out, and acknowledges as copyhold, in both manors 236a1r3p. In this perhaps is included about 3a holden by free deed and annual rent of the Earldom - and corresponds very closely with the quantity from the rolls and other documents as here given. The property did not sell by auction but was subsequently purchased by W.P. Honywood esq for the sum of     and the purchase fine in 1852 now including Shepherds Cottage and the Old Glebe was 420li for both manors as made out overleaf