Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000860

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 8d - parcel of Firmin Tylers

mr Jn Polley Taylor surrender Wm Rayner 8.10.1833

to all that messuage or cottage formerly parcel of Firmin Tylers etc

1736 Jas Rayner and Eliz surrender Eliz Andrews

1782 Jas Rayner surrender Eliz

1785 Wm Rayner death of uncle Jas

1833 purchase fine £4.10s

This little portion of Firmin Tylers was surrendered 1582 by Eliz Green to Peter Gylot viz. to a parcel of Firmin Tylers containing in length 5.5p and in breadth .75p whereon a cottage is now built

Both parcels are now united in J.P. Taylor 1819 and 1833

enfranchised by Sarah Taylor 10.1857

Commutation map no. 438 (438) Olivers Croft 2a2r18p

parcels of Firmin Tylers 42 (42) cottage and garden 13p and 43 (43) ditto - 2r3p

sketch plan

438 (438) Terrier 1598 - fo. 30 Olivers Croft Wm Mace 3a1p

rough abstract of title page 97 and 98

42 (42) Terrier 1598 - fo. 51 - Peter Gilott (pcl. Firmin Tylers ) 20p.

rough abstract of title p. 149-150

43 (43) Terrier 1598 fo. 59 Lawrence Gillot Firmin Tylers - 2r28p

rough abstract of title page 150

no. 42 (42) about two years ago this cottage being much out of repair was pulled down by mr J.P. Taylor on an understanding that it should be rebuilt. It has been proclaimed at three courts - the last 31.1.1856 when a warrant to seize was issued - but execution suspended on account of mr Taylor's then state of health - at his death bequeathed to his daughter Sarah Taylor (now wife of Joseph Surridge ) who enfranchised this toft of copyhold 13p 4.10.1857