Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80001020

Copyhold of Earldom - parcel of Cloviers - quitrent 6d

Thos Wing 13.9.1824 surrender Wm Owers - To all that messuage etc. with garden at Earls Colne heretofore in the tenure of Esdras Peartree and since converted into several tenements etc.

1745 Wm Adams death of Mary and Hen

1782 Eliz Gripper death of father Wm

1782 Wm Owers surrender of Jn and Eliz Gripper 31.5.1782 Wm Owers was admitted on surrender of Francis Nunn who recovered these premises of Eliz ( Adams ) wife of Jn Gripper who had been illegally admitted - It was then in 4 tenements

Tenements are now built on no. 36a (on map)

1820 Wm Owers death of father Wm

1824 purchase fine

Purchased at sale of Thos Wing's property 1854 by Sarah the daughter of Wm Tawell - admitted 19.9.1855 - The name " Cloviers " does not appear on the rolls for several previous admissions. In rental of 1751 it is entered as Wm Adams parcel of Cloviers quitrent 6d. The other parcel of Cloviers was separated 1676 on surrender of Mary Nicolls to Jn Garret - I have traced to the admission of Joseph Bayley in 1761 - Jn Pitstow purchased it of     Lawkin as freehold and attached it to his premises called Brays vide Thorne p. 182

Commutation map no. 36 (36) and 36 (36a) - Cottage and garden Thos Wing 1r8p

The map of the garden is not correct (marked in sketch of tenements Wm Owers no. 74)

Old Terrier 1598 fo. 60 Robt Carter 1r16p

rough abstract of title page 93

sketch plan