Parish Register and Vestry Miscellaneous (D/P209/)

.12.1725 (December 1725)

document 400090

memorandum at a vestry it was then proposed by Thos Barnard vicar of this parish to the churchwardens thereof an approved of by them as follows viz"that whereas the vicarage pew as it is at present is too small for my wife and family I propose to quit that and instead thereof to build a new one by the north door at my own cost for the use of my family and my successors vicars of this parish reserving liberty to myself and successors when the church is new pewed to return to the vicarage pew again if I or they or any of them shall chose so to do but in that case then I or they shall thenceforth resign the said pew by the north door nb the charge of building the said pew is to go in part of the tenth which I lately proposed to give towards new pewing the church but if my family shall return to the vicarage pew again and any other family or families desiring to appropriate to themselves the said pew by the north door shall reimburse the whole or part of the charge of building it then I shall give a tenth as abovesaid only deducting so much a s shall be lost by the said pew" Thos Bernard vicar Jn Hatch churchwarden Ambrose Towers churchwarden present Thos Sewell Jn Newton Jn Pratt Jn Unwin Isaac Potter