Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

29.1.1612 (Wednesday 29 January 1612)

document 22900112

29.1.1612 first borrowed of Jn Parker a bargain and sale by virtue of a warrant dated 12.3.1581 to Jn Parker of ten upright trees upon Dagnall and Priestland (525) (526) (527) under mr Amice Wm Brewster and Nich Bleake their hands dated 28.4.1581 second a bargain and sale for Nich Bleake by virtue of a warrant from Edw de Veer 3.12.1586 read in open court for 50s to the earl's use to Jn Parker all his bollings timber and trees standing on his copyhold ground seventy three trees and fifty years space for the cutting of them of except all trees standing in the hedges and fences none of them to be felled or stubbed otherwise than the usual lopping or cropping by their custom third a warrant under my fathers hand and seal dated 28.3.1595 for ten pollingers of oak and ash and elm upon Dagnall (540) (540a) (541) (529) (530) and Priestland to convert and employ to his own use fourth a warrant under my hand and seal for four bollings to employ to his own use dated 20.5.1606 fifth a warrant under my hand and seal to Jn Parker for two years after the date to fell twenty bollings of oak or elm and four young upright timber trees of elm upon Dagnall Hill and Priestland to employ at his pleasure 17.1.1608 with a memo that I have given him two years further to fell of and employ the said trees sixth a warrant from sir Thos Gardyner for Potter dated .4.1604