Colne Priory Accounts (ERO D/DPr18 and D/DPr59)

31.3.1442 (Saturday 31 March 1442)

document 45300109

the small farms of Robt Pudney for the portion of the tithes in St Mary Bures 11s8d of Jn Strangman for the portion in Aldham in the county of Suffolk 22s of Jn Hunte for the farm of Ashemell in the county of Suffolk 3s4d by year and 20s received of the parson of Lavenham of the farm of the portion of the tithe in the same town lately at 4marks and of 26s8d of the farm of the chapel in Herwich demised to Rich Sutton chaplain of Jn Lutor for Symonds Fields 12s of Wm Melon for Melnefield 6s4d of Robt Parker for Percesmilne Pasture 10d for the term of easter and for the term of easter nothing for default of bargain of Jn Brokeman for the pasture called Oxlease 6s8d of Robt Holme for Cogges and Wrongs by year 10s of Jn Grove for Tredgolds Fenn 4s6d of the same for Maydenfield 6d of Jn Soneld for Golds and Lethiards 16s4d of Jn Boter for the tenement Prudmans 5s of Simon Levington for the farm of the tenement Clerks upon The Heathe together with the garden lying enclosed between the water at Swartepoole for the term of the nativity of st john baptist 2s of other three lands this year nothing for want of bargain of Robt Sebright for Tredgolds Crofts 7s4d of Jeff Tyler for Hyneslond 5s of the vicar of Earls Colne for parcel of Symonds 4s of Wm Wayte for another parcel of the same 4s of Simon Barker for the pasture in The Holt 17d of Wm Glover for the tenement in The Holte 6s8d of Thos Warwicke for a tenement there 4s of Simon Bucker for a tenement there 6s of Jn Marche for The Smythe Forge 16s of the same Jn for Seedcopmarshe
Sedcopmarsh (in the hand of Rich Harlakenden senior ) 3s and for the rent 3s4d of the same for the customary duties 6d of Jn Roger barber for the garden near the church 8d of Rich Alderford for Breggemede 12s of Steph Smythe for certain small farms as appears partially in the same title in the court last going before 37s8d
Pightles (in hand of Rich Harlakenden senior ) of Rich Crudde for parcel of the tenement of Pollesteeds with a little garden there with one pasture called The Galle
The Galle (in hand of Rich Harlakenden senior ) 9s of Jn Wright for Spilwatersland 3s4d of Robt Brundon for parcel of the tenement of Polsteds 2s8d of Jn Man for another parcel of the tenement Polsteds upon Colfordhill 3s of Jn Morecock for another tenement there (Colfordhill) 4s of Thos Skinner for divers parcels called Losshes otherwise called Brockhouse 16d of the same Thos for Boloms Pightell 2s6d of the same for Gosfen 5s of Wm Smythe for a meadow in Colne Engaine 20s of Robt Wynter for the tenement sometime Vincent Norman's 15s of Roger Tue for parcel of the land called Borles now Rich Avis 4d of Jn Cosyn for Litle Wylles 13s4d of Jn Rufle for the tenement of Wents otherwise called Humfryes and Nobles 11s of Rich Tebawd for Moreland 11s of Jn Gode for Ewereslond 9s of Jn Tyler of Halsted for Hipford Meadow in the same town 9s of Thos Bruer for Burton in Great Colne 3s of Jn Repingale for the portion of the tithe in Aldham in the county of Essex so demised for 13s4d of Jn Chaloner for the tenement near his grange in The Holte 3s4d of Jn Payne for Richers and Popesgarden 12d (sic) viz for Rychers 8s and Popesgarden 4s of Adam Wright for Bromecrofte 16d of Jn Grove for Kebills and Collmans 10s by year of Jn Byrd for Couchoes and Herts by year