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Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr22)

28.12.1638 (Sunday 28 December 1638)

document 34402076

at this court Steph Nettles clerk Jn Hawksby clerk Edm Brewer clerk Math Simpson Edw Cressner gentleman Edw Elliston gentleman Math Stephens gentleman Rose Church widow Mary Church Hen Ennew Ann Burton widow Rich Walker Thos Smith senior Jn Potter Ambrose Waller Rich Bridge Edw Clarke Thos Leffingwell Robt Crowe Robt Abbott Giles Crowe Robt Cells Thos Harvey Robt Hutton Margt Turner Mich Hayward Thos Fisher Roger Bewers and Helen Watson tenants of this manor and suitors of this court made their separate suits and were released from the homage