Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

7.10.1618 (Wednesday 7 October 1618)

document 37900097

defaulting tenants Jeff Little gentleman 6d Jn Hunwick 6d Thos Fisher 6d Nich Pierce in right of his wife 2d Chas Huntisman in right of his wife 3d Agnes Garrard widow 2d Geo Cockerell 6d Elias Savell 4d Dina Wade widow 2d Nath Kinge 6d Jn Prentice 4d Margt Greene widow 4d Thos Turner senior 4d Thos Norfolk 2d Kath Greene widow 2d Thos Fyshe in right of his wife 3d Thos Harvie 2d Jn Smithe 2d Thos Farnoll 3d Eliz Gylott 2d Jn Pryor 3d Francis Wright 2d Wm Wright 2d Jn Bunner 3d Jn Smythe 2d Moses Tayler 2d Jn Pennock 2d Jn Sillito 2d Edw Newton 2d Esdras Peartree alias Evans 2d and Sam Burton senior 4d are suitors of court and made default therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their heads