Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr78)

23.7.1634 (Wednesday 23 July 1634)

document 38500559

at this court Thos Harlakenden gentleman Jn Hawksby clerk Wm Nevill gentleman Roger Harlakenden gentleman Jn Little senior Jn Little junior Wm Harlakenden gentleman Jn Lucas gentleman Thos Fisher gentleman Hen Abbot senior Rich Kempe Jn Betts Edw Browne Wm Bridge in right of his wife Robt Till by right of his wife Hen Coney Dan Lea Edw Clarke Jn Clarke Lawrence Prior Benedict Scott Jn Smith labourer Robt Andrewes Robt Davy Jn Brewer Jn Bullocke Wm Faucett Joan Gilott Thos Hales and Jn Bounds tenants of this manor and according to the custom of this court presented their separate suits and were released by the homage through the grace of the court