Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr70)

1.6.1501 (Tuesday 1 June 1501)

document 59800007

the chief pledges Jeff Audeley Robt Bieston Robt Booner Jn Lingwood Hen Pullen Jn Reynold Wm Carter Robt Materas Robt Clerke Wm Clerke Wm Berton Rich Filbrigge Clem Sendell Wm Hawke Thos Hunte Robt Browry Rich Clophin Jn Stone Wm Swattocke Robt Hodgeson Jn Waite Jn Cobbe Rich Maykin Jn Shawe Roger Hitchecocke Robt Samewell Jn Wloe Thos Porter Jn Sundaie Jn Coe common fine 10s all the chief pledges present that they give the L of the K for common fine this day as appears in the head