Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

19.4.40Eliz1 (Wednesday 19 April 1598)

document 67101108

essoin at this court Wm Fisher Jn Church gentleman Wm Stephens gentleman Joan Culverton Alice Leffingwell Robt Manning Rich Sampford Francis Wentford Agnes Wiffin widow Wm Mace in right of his wife Joan Pierson widow Jn Parker Thos Pollie senior Francis Stephens in right of his wife Jn Prentice Rich Clarke senior Jn Coote Jn Sawen Thos Norfolk Thos Smith (may be Thos Smith) Jn Brewer glover Hen Morley Robt Strutt Hen Pollie Moses Tailor Rich Clark junior Thos Edwards Hen Wright Simon Kendall Jn Kettle Geo Bryan Jn Hall Jn Browne Thos Highwood and Rich Fishe tenants and residents within the precinct of this view essoined of the common essoin by Robt Reade and others