Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

19.4.40Eliz1 (Wednesday 19 April 1598)

document 67101456

fine 6li14s4dwhereas at a view with court here held of saturday 14.6.37Eliz1 Edm Potter was admitted tenant of the lord to himself and his heirs by the surrender of Wm Garrard to one messuage with appurtenances called Skinners and to one croft of land which is now built on to one yard or garden called Burtons Garden with free ingress and egress by the gates of the manor viz from the road leading to Colchester from the garden and a croft called Bearcroft to carry and recarry by the said gate through the said croft of land and to one tenement with appurtenances called Gentries and also to three crofts of land containing 12a called Broomcrofts also to a croft of land containing 11a with a way leading from it to hunt and chase and to one meadow late parcel of the said croft called Bearcroft containing 3a with appurtenances lying in Earls Colne as shown by copy of court roll now the homage aforesaid present that after the last court and before this court the aforesaid Edm Potter died seised of all and singular the premises with appurtenances except the aforesaid croft called Bromescroft which he had beforehand surrendered to the use of Xoph Isaack and his heirs etc and that Edw Potter aged 12years is his eldest son and next heir which said Edw present here in court is granted the lands and tenements by inheritance seisin to himself and his heirs to hold of the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor aforesaid by the rents services and customs before due and of right accustomed and he made fine and his fealty is respited until he is of full age etc also the aforesaid lord by the steward granted the custody of the aforesaid lands and tenements to Margt the natural mother of the said Edw until he is aged 14years and to provide him in the meantime with all necessaries and not to create any waste etc and the lord granted to the aforesaid Margt guardianship of a pond existing in the premises until the aforesaid Edw is aged 14years paying annually 13s4d at the feast of michaelmas and the annunciation by equal portions and for the aforesaid custody she made the lord fine etc