Overseers Accounts (ERO D/P209/12/1)

29.9.1743 (Thursday 29 September 1743)

document 11501561

twenty fifth week workhouse 29.9.1743 29.9. to Chas Andrews for 20lb of beef 4s6d to a cheek 1s 29.9. to dr Smith for half a years salary 2li7s3d 29.9. to Jos Cook governor for twenty five weeks salary ending on tuesday 4.8.1743 6li5s 29.9. to a bill for relief and removing of Ann Hall widow to Colne Wake 9s 29.9. to Jos Bott a bill 4li4s 29.9. to mr Harrington a bill for milk 1li14s7d 29.9. to mr Cole for three cauldrons of coals 3li9s to carriage of the same 1li3s6d 29.9. to Sam Chrismas a bill for shoes 1li5s2d 29.9. to Jeff Cook for a coffin for Wm Sadd 5s 29.9. to quarterage and bridge money 1li12s3d 29.9. to Wm Root for half a years rent 1li10s 29.9. to Jn Finch for half a years shaving 3s 29.9. to Isaac Potter for half a years salary 12s 29.9. to Jn Unwin a bill 12s4d 29.9. to Jn Williamson's own bill 9li7s3d 29.9. to Jacob Green a bill 1s10d 35li16s8d