Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000560

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 13s6d and 8s for Broom Crofts Wm Matthews 9.6.1853 surrender of Geo Pattisson to all that messuage called Skinners or the Kings Head

and also all that croft of land with the houses thereupon built, with a barn etc. called Burtons Barn or Burtons Garden with right of way to and from the same through a croft of land called Bearcroft etc.

and also all that tenement called Gentries

and also all those three crofts of land containing 12a by estimation called Broom Crofts

and also all that croft of land containing 11a called Bearcroft together with a chaseway leading thereto

and also all that meadow parcel of Bearcroft containing 3a by estimation

1736 Wm Sewell death of mother Sarah

1772 Rich Dutton surrender of Wm Sewell

1778 Bridget Unwin death of grandfather Rich Dutton

1846 Geo Pattisson death of mother Bridget widow of Thos C== Pattison

1853 purchase fine £52.10s (estimated previous to his building)

Commutation map 1836 gives the entire quantity of this property 20a2r31p. On the rolls the quantity appears 26a - exclusive of Skinners and Gentries and the gravel pit called Tainter Croft - this is evidently an excess

Commutation map 1836 no. 14 (14) (14a) the homestead - 1r18p and no. 396 (396) The Gravel Pit - 2r15p - old survey 1598 fo. 61 Skinners Gentries , Burtons Barn and Tainter Croft - 3r7p

comm. map. no. 395 (395) Ashwell Field 3a4p, no. 403 (403) Lane Field 4a1r25p, no. 405 (405) Middle Field 1a3r38p and old survey fo. 39 Bearcrofts together 10a1r26p

comm. map no. 394 (394) Middle Meadow 2a3r19p, no. 404 (404) Further Meadow 1a18p and old survey fo. 39 The Ponds together about 3a2r

comm. map no. 409 (409) Highfield 6a1r14p and old survey fo. 39 Broom Crofts 6a2r22p

total comm. map 20a2r31p and old survey 21a1r15p

These quantities correspond pretty accurately - about 2a of pond bottoms one leasehold leaving about 18a or 19a copyhold - particulars of sale 1851 gives 22a15p (referring to sketch plan on separate slip) This gives a sketch of Skinners Gentries Burtons Barn and Tainter Croft . The right of way through Skinners to Burtons Barn and into Bearcroft Lane seems unnecessary to repeat in the rolls as it is now only a right over the copyholder's own premises

mr Wm Matthews since he came into possession has built a good mansion etc. where he resides on parcel of Bearcroft called Ashwell Field . He has also built another residence on parcel of the same called Lane Field at the corner adjoining to 410 (410) Stulps now Brookfield. Also two tenements in Tainter Croft now called The Gravel Pit no. 396 (396) and has added to Skinners and Gentries and converted it into seven tenements - Burtons Barn at the back being a farm yard with various buildings.

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 6d Wm Matthews on grant from the lord to parcel of Bearcroft Lane - 1863

sketch plan on loose slip

Skinners Gentries Burtons Barn and Tainter Croft

This sketch is taken from a survey made by H.H.C. in 1810 . The tenements 14 (14) and 14 (14) being laid down very inaccurately in the Commutation map of 1836 . The quantities there given are 14 (14) 14 (14) ( Skinners Gentries Burtons Barn ) 1r18p and 396 (396) The Gravel Pit ( Tainter Croft ) 2r15p - total 3r33p

Since 1836 the rev Robt Watkinson has been admitted (in 1843 on page 192) to parcel of Hall Green on which he has built a school-room etc. and mr Wm Matthews since his purchase of mr Pattisson in 1853 has enclosed another portion of Hall Green adjoining Tainter Croft and at the west end of the school - on which he has built a good messuage and two tenements. These alterations are marked by dotted lines. The enclosure opposite was made by Thos H# to rev Mark Dennis

sketch plan on loose slip

Sonningwells and Tabors and parcel of Bearcroft No. 397 (397)

In 1859 mr Wm Matthews purchased this property of Emm and Mark Dennis (admitted and immediately stubbed up Bearcroft Lane) which separated Tainter Croft no. 396 (396) copyhold of Earldom from no. 397 (397) parcel of Bearcroft free deed of Earldom laying them both into one - put a wall across the end of the lane near Burtons Barn (no. 14 (14) ) leaving an entrance gate to no. 14 (14) and 397 (397) - and gave the public a new road across Tainter Croft onto Hall Green. These alterations are here also marked by dotted lines. For description of this portion of Emm and Mark Dennis property see page 52. He has also rebuilt the tenement no. 16 (16) called Tabors - and remodelled and added to the outbuildings etc.