Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000570

Jane Mackenzie 17.3.1824 death and will of uncle Hen Anderson

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 10s1d

to all that messuage with house and building etc. with lands containing 20a called Claypits otherwise Sandhills and also parcel of the waste adjoining said premises extending 145ft in length and in breadth 45ft etc.

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 3s - Married Geo Mead and under that name was admitted 17.3.1847 to three parcels of waste two whereof abutting upon Claypits and the other on Broadfield on opposite side of the road - the three containing together 1a1r24p - and charged with a quitrent of 1s for each parcel

1717 Jn Newton

1743 Jn Newton for life on his own surrender with remainders

1763 Hannah Newton death of husband Jn for life - with remainders

1774 Sarah Bull wife of Geo - will of Jn Newton father of her first husband Thos Newton - remainders

1804 Hannah Newton wife of Jn Hunt - death proclaimed

1805 Jn Hunt for life - remainder to divers uses

1807 Jn Newton Hunt death of Jn and Hannah

1807 Sarah Dorothy Hunt surrender of brother J.N. Hunt

1809 Hen Anderson on recovery suffered by Jn Newton Hunt and Sarah Dorothy Hunt

1810 Hen Anderson to parcel of the waste 145ft in length and 45ft broad

1824 death fine - with other lands etc. £100

Commutation map 1836 no. 231 (231) homestead and garden 1a1r20p

no. 225 (225) Great Claypit Field 4a1r3p

no. 226 (226) Little Claypit 3a3r36p

no. 229 (229) Acre Field 1a34p

no. 230 (230) The Pasture 1a1r5p

no. 232 (232) (232a) Barn Field 7a32p

total 19a1r10p

1847 the three portions of waste added since the Commutation map was made 1a1r24p

present total 20a2r34p

survey 1598 fo. 106 17a1r17p called in the rolls 20a

Abstract of Title no. 13

Formerly called Little Sandhills acquired the name of Claypits from a large claypit in the waste near the house - now enclosed. The quitrent on Claypits was 10s - an early enclosure of 3p from the waste on which a cartlodge was built was charged with a rent of 1d and the rent of 10s1d has been paid since that time. There does not appear to have been any quitrent assessed upon the portion of the waste to which mr Anderson was admitted in 1810