Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000600

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 1s5d Jn Newport 1.10.1850 surrender Wm Bryant to all those two tenements with the garden etc in Holt Street (formerly described as parcel of a tenement called Cocks ) next adjoining to a tenement called Spoutwell House alias Dynes

1723 Eliz Clifford will of father Edw Cressener

1753 Eliz Towle death of mother Eliz Clifford

1756 Sam Towle death of mother Eliz Towle

1773 ditto suffered a recovery

1811 Jn Pudney surrender of Sam Towle

1824 Geo Hales surrender of Jn Pudney

1835 Wm Bryant and wife Mary ( Hales )

1850 purchase fine £10.10s

no. 100 (100) Commutation map - cottage and garden 21p

sketch plan

Two small brick tenements built by mr Jn Pudney - no. 99 (99) adjoining is a stackyard parcel of Spoutwell House alias Dynes and belonging to mr R.H. Solley - the house called Dynes (no. 98 (98) ) belongs to     Pilgrim

survey 1598 fo. 61 Jn Griggs

abstract of title p. 125-6

In 1648 the whole of Cocks (including the tenement 101 (101) ) was in possession of Grace Scillito who by will left it to be divided between her two sons Jn Sillitoe and Rich Sillitoe which was done in 1657 - Jn had the smaller portion 101 (101) - now Thos Newton Bourne's - quitrent apportioned 8d - and Rich the larger (100 (100) ) now Jn Newport's - quitrent apportioned 1s4d - how Bourne's is now only 6d - and Newport's 1s5d - I know not - but it has been so paid for many years