Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000595

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 1s4d

enfranchised 1865 see Thos Hunt

Jas Stewart Nott 9.6.1853 surrender of executors of late Isaac Walford to all that messuage or tenement sometime erected by Thos Walford upon part of all that piece parcel of land containing by estimation 20p (sometime parcel of Wardes ) being a garden lately used with a certain freehold messuage called Burnthouse (Spicers) otherwise Tilwicks - and having a frontage of 33ft, being the entire frontage of the said copyhold

1717 Letitia Wall wife of Geo surrender of her mother Flanner

1761 Wm Bartlett

1764 Dan Newman

1774 Eliz Newman death of husband

1777 Isaac Rice

1809 Wm Cook

1816 Thos Walford

1823 Isaac Walford and others executors of Thos Walford

1853 death fine £14

no. 44 (44) (44a) Commutation map - house and garden Susan Walford 1r31p - This includes Burnthouse or Tilwicks (being then one property in her own occupation) - deducting the 20p copyhold of Earldom leaves 1r11p to the freehold, now belonging to Robt Hunt

sketch plan

no. 44 (44) a. the freehold called Burnthouse alias Tilwicks formerly Spicer's

b. the double tenement erected by Thos Walford on the 20p parcel of Wards copyhold of Earldom

The entire frontage measure 42ft leaving 9ft for the freehold which tapers to a point on the end next no. 44 (44) This parcel of Wards was severed 1516 - the residue no. 45 (45) in Commutation map is now the copyhold of Zach Rogers

abstract of title p. 96

survey 1598    

The copyhold parcel of Wards marked b has a frontage of 2p or 33ft measuring from the corner adjoining to Z. Rogers premises no. 45 (45) and continues of the same width 10p in depth giving a site of 20p so that about one third of the smaller tenement adjoining (a) is mr Hunt's freehold premises - marked by a line drawn through the tenement - comes to a point at the bottom of the garden