Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000605

Jn Nicholls 21.7.1847 death and will of his mother Frances Nicholls copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 3d1h - to all that messuage or tenement in Holt Street parcel of a tenement called Francis

title to portion marked 'a' (on sketch plan)

1741 Jon Layer surrender Jn Middleton

1750 Sarah Layer and Mary

1754 Jn Layer

1761 Jos Read

1770 Wm Read

1771 Wm Tunbridge

1812 Frances Nicholls wife of Ezekial death and will of her father

quitrent 1h - also to that toft or parcel of ground containing in length 26ft and in breadth 16ft lying on the south side of his tenement - parcel of Francis formerly Ann Hutton and seized by the lord 1784 - granted to Frances Nicholls 1812

title to portion marked b (on sketch plan) 1725 Thos Belsham surrender of heirs of Thos Brewer ( Waller and others)

1728 Thos Hutton surrender of Belsham

1757 Ann Hutton death of father

Ann Hutton's death presented 1783 and that Thos Manning was her next heir - after the usual proclamations etc. he not appearing and it being presented that he had pulled down the tenement and carried away the materials, it was seized by the lord 1784 - regrant to Frances Nicholls 1812

1847 death fine £6.6s

no. 103 (103) (103a) Commutation map - Frances Nicholls 14p

sketch plan

103 (103) (103a) a. = parcel of Francis ( Wm Tunbridge 1771 ) - b. = ditto - Ann Hutton seized by the lord 1784 to which Frances Nicholls was admitted on grant 1812 - This latter was a small portion surrendered by Thos Smith 1637 to Phardalillo Pullen - described on the rolls " parcel of a tenement called Francis being a small cottage and piece of ground with way through into the street

survey 1598 fo. 64 Jn Ansell

abstract of title - p. 18 and back 110