Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000610

Phil Nunn 19.6.1827 will of brother Jas

copyhold of Priory - quitrent 5s6d - to all those lands formerly Jn Church's called Stonebridge Ground also Boultinghouse Fenn containing by estimation 7a

copyhold of Earldom

quitrent 1s - to all that meadow divided into two parts called Stonebridge Meadow alias Little Bridgmans containing by estimation 1a1r

quitrent 1s - to one little piece of pasture parcel of Hobstevens by estimation .5a

quitrent 1s6d - to all that piece of meadow parcel of Hobstevens containing by estimation 1a2r

1734 Susan Foster surrender heirs of Thos Little

1766 Sarah Bridge surrender Susan Foster

1778 Thos Bridge Little death of grandmother Sarah Bridge

1792 Jas Nunn surrender J.B. Little

1827 death fine £27.5s

Commutation map 1836

511 (511) (511a) Copper Grounds 5a3r19p

514 (514) (514a) Further Bottoms 1a1r3p

516 (516) Second Bottoms 1a24p

518 (518) (518a) First Bottoms 1a30p

total 9a1r36p

no. 8 in Colne Engain 3r7p

total in both parishes 10a1r3p

sketch plan

a. (511) Stonebridge Ground alias Boultinghouse Fenn now called Copper Grounds - this extends to the stream copyhold of Priory

b. (511a) The .5a of Hobstevens copyhold of Earldom parcel of 30a called Clarks surrendered 1633 Wm Collin to Jn Little

c. (516) (518) (518a) The meadow divided into two parts called Stonebridge Meadow alias Little Bridgmans

d. (514) (514a) the 1a2r parcel of Hobstevens etc. surrendered 1695 by Gilb Smith to Thos Little

no. 8 in Commutation map of Colne Engain claimed by that parish containing 1r37p

10a. ditto containing 1r11p

total 3r7p

survey 1598 Boultinghouse Fen copyhold of Priory fo. 101

ditto Little Bridgmans copyhold of Earldom fo. 29

ditto parcels of Hobstevens copyhold of Earldom fo. 29

abstract of title to copyhold of Priory - no. 2

ditto to copyhold of Earldom p.