Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000660

Copyhold of Earldom Thos Rowland 10.11.1842 surrender of executors of Wm Ruffle

quitrent 4s8d - to all those seven crofts of land, parcel of Bowerfeild containing by estimation 20a (with certain buildings etc.) and 3a of land (parcel of Bowerfeild ) called Spard Pasture

quitrent 1s - and also all that croft of land formerly called (parcel of) Bowerfeild - and since Holdens Field - by estimation 6a

1718 Robt Newman (Math Newman ) and Margt

1765 Robt Newman

1787 Edw Wash (or Walsh )

1791 Thos Beard

1810 Wm Ruffle

1822 Wm Ruffle death of father

1842 death fine £89

Commutation map 1836 Wm Ruffle

no. 238 (238) Further Field 5a16p

241 (241) (241a) (241b) (241c) Great Field 7a2r8p

242 (242) homestead 1r13p

243 (243) Barn Field 3a2r9p

244 (244) (244a) (244b) (244c) Road Field 4a12p

246 (246) Long Field 6a2r25p

total 27a1r3p (vide collection of maps case no.     )

abstract of title page 133

Survey 1598 fo. 48 - The whole of Bowerfeild here mapped together contains 32a18p. In 1718 one field containing 1a3r20p passed on the death of Jn Crow to his three daughters (sisters) Eliz Crow Dorcas Wenden and Mary Hurrell - who at the same court surrender their respective interests to Mary Cook - from whom it has passed under various surrenders to Thos Wing 1854 (see his name) . This leaves according to the old survey 30a38p. By the rolls 29a - and by the Commutation map only 27a1r3p called (why I know not) America Farm - The house was burnt down some years ago. A new one with various outbuildings since erected.