Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000810

Copyhold of Priory Robt Steadman surrender of Thos Sewell 31.10.1839 to all that customary messuage and garden called Mathews Acre and also one piece of land with a well in the same, formerly parcel of a tenement of Thos Elmstead - quitrent 1s1d

and also one tenement with the appurtenances called Flemans held by the annual quitrent of 8d

and also a certain parcel of land lying on the back of a tenement called The Malthouse with a garden called Grapnals holden by the annual quitrent of 2s

together with a right of way over a cartway leading from the croft called Olmsteads (sometime called the Cherry Orchard) into Earls Colne Street, in common with the proprietors and occupiers of the said croft, then the property of the said Thos Sewell and by him contracted to be sold to the rev R. Watkinson

1724 Thos Sewell and Mary surrender Sarah Marriage then wife of Wm Sewell

1766 Thos Sewell death of Thos Sewell and Mary

1804 Thos Sewell will of cousin Thos Sewell

1839 purchase fine £37.10s

Commutation map 1836 no. 72 (72) 73 (73) and 74 (74) Thos Sewell cottages and gardens together 1r17p - This is an imperfect description as the one in which Robt Steadman resides is a respectable house and shop. There is one other house and shop fronting the street occupied by     Smith glazier and one or two small tenements behind - The premises are not accurately mapped in the Commutation map of 1836

sketch plan

1. House and shop occupied by Steadman

2. house and shop occupied by Smith

3. tenements behind

4. the driftway from Church Street to Olmsteads Orchard - common to R. Steadman and rev R. Watkinson

Rough abstract of title no. 75

Survey 1598 - Joan Person widow fo. 92 gives the premises together with Olmsteads as 2a - from the map, there has been a portion of Mathews Acre laid to Olmsteads Orchard