Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000935

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 7d

Robt Watkinson clerk surrender of Eliz wife of Sam Sadd Mary Ann wife of Geo Pilgrim and Frances wife of Dan Smith daughters of Jas Chaplin 1.11.1841 to all that tenement called Muggs alias Princes and a garden parcel of Tredgolds and all the outbuildings thereon erected

1727 Rose Harris surrender Jn Last

In rental 1751 - for a tenement and garden at the west end of the Blue Boar (quitrent 3d) called Muggs

ditto - a yard parcel of Tredgolds and the buildings therein quitrent 4d

1783 Rose Harris Firman death of mother Rose Harris

1822 Jas Chaplin surrender Rose Harris ( Firman ) and Geo Bare her husband

1841 three daughters of Jas Chaplin as above on death of their father Jas

1841 purchase fine £12

Commutation map no. 76 (76) (76a) Jas Chaplin 17p

Terrier 1598 fo. 142 Wm Bridge - tenement The Blue Boar of which Muggs alias Princes is parcel

ditto - fo. 144 Jn Church - premises called Grapnells and Tredgolds of which this is a small parcel

In 1671 Wm Hatch was admitted to Muggs

1676 the same - to parcel of a yard adjoining to a tenement called Thredgolds - The other part of Thredgolds with garden and croft called Grapnells was in possession of Jn Cressener and enfranchised 1673 paying the free rent of 2s3d - now also in rev R. Watkinson

rough abstract title no. 46, 34, 4 and 65

These premises extended further back, towards Grapnells Croft and a barn or outbuilding was standing at the extremity in 1841 - Mr Watkinson pulled down the house etc. and on an understanding with the lord laid a portion at the backside into his own premises adjoining, and gave in lieu thereof a larger frontage towards the street - whereon he has built a good double tenement, with cellars beneath - frontage     feet, depth     feet