Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000940

Free deed of Priory - Grapnells and Thredgolds - rent 2s3d

rev Robt Watkinson 11.4.1843 on alienation of Chas Preston under will of Beatrice Towle (whose daughter he married) - for certain lands called The School Croft and Pearsons Orchard held by fealty and the annual rent of 3s4d

The house and part of the yard were called Thredgolds - The croft and part of the garden called Grapnells . In the rental of 1751 Eliz Clifford paid the rent of 2s3d " for tenement called Thredgolds and a croft containing 2a formerly Burton's and a parcel of ground late Pearson's orchard now used as the school house etc. " The property came into the possession of the Towles through Eliz daughter of Eliz Clifford who married     Towle and acknowledged free tenure in 1753 - Sam Towle acknowledged in 1761

Commutation map 75 (75) (75b) - house premises and garden - 1r31p and 75a (75a) School Croft - 1a2r8p - both Beatrice Towle

Terrier 1598 fo. 144 Jn Church containing 2a6p. The property was at that time copyhold - a small part of the garden called Thredgolds was surrendered and attached to the adjoining tenement called Muggs alias Princes and a quitrent of 4d apportioned - and so it now remains - see previous page 190 - The residue of these premises were enfranchised in 1673 - continuing the free rent of 2s3d - as apportioned - and which continues to be paid

Rough abstract of title no. 4, 65 and back of 34 from 65 wherein called Thredgolds and Grapnells

Mr Towle was supposed to be the sole patron of Earls Colne Free Grammar School (The Court of Chancery has decided otherwise) - and built a school room in the garden parcel of Grapnells - The master living in the house parcel of Thredgolds - all these buildings have been pulled down since mr Watkinson came into possession and the site of the premises much altered - vide map. See general map for contiguous premises belonging to Walker and Watkinson no. 6