Quarter Sessions Bundles (ERO Q/SBb7/18)

2.9.1697 (Thursday 2 September 1697)

document 20900136

a list of all such persons dwelling within the division of Kelverdon as are qualified to serve on juries pursuant to the late act of parliament as they were presented by the respected constables at petty sessions holden 2.9.1697 of Earls Colne Jn Cressener Edw Abbot Hen Abbot Hen Abbot junior Geo Toller Gilb Smyth Edw Johnson Jn Newton Sam Burton Robt Potter Hen Hatch Thos Osborne Jn Fletcher Wm Chapman Splenden Vangover Jn Last Simon Baylye Jn Pratt Colne Engaine Edw Potter Wm Prentise junior Wakes Colne Rich Bridge (may be Rich Bridge) Wm Potter Sam Osborne Abrm Cooke Jn Keable Jn Keable junior White Colne Rich Bridge (may be Rich Bridge) Thos Wright Wm Kent Geo Potter Markshall Honeywood esq Great and Little Tey Solomon Stebbing Mark Grimes Edw Harrington Thos Porter Edm Harrington junior Jn Hills