Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

30.9.1606 (Tuesday 30 September 1606)

document 33101645

and also they present that Jn Churche gentleman Edw Cooe gentleman Rich Haynes gentleman Robt Plombe in right of his wife Robt Reade Hen Abbotte junior in right of his wife Hen Bird Jeremy Morgan in right of his wife Agnes Babie Jn London Jn Ailette Math Simpson clerk Thos Pillgrome Margery Pullen widow the heirs of Jn Brett Walt Newman Thos Smithe in right of his wife Ann Nicholson widow Thos Ailette in right of his wife Geo Sewall Robt Hicks in right of his wife Lance Gilotte Jn Wade junior Edw Watson Wm Ennewes Jn Upcher Joan Pierson Mary Pierson Kath Pierson Rose Pierson Ann Pierson Roger Brownson Nich Ashefield Thos Pullen Edw Grigges Wm Jenninge Edw Shackespeare Jn Ailewarde Jn Midleton (may be Jn Midleton) Thos Barber Jn Smithe (may be Jn Smithe)     Gryff== Jn Rushbrooke Jn Fletcher and Jn Diglette are tenants of this manor and suitors of this court and this day made default and therefore each of them in mercy 2d
amercement for defaulters 7s6d