Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

5.6.1628 (Thursday 5 June 1628)

document 34001006

at this court Steph Nettles clerk Jn Hawksby clerk Math Sympson clerk Edm Brewer clerk Wm Stephens gentleman Roger Harlakenden gentleman Jane Clynch widow Jn Reade Joan Evans widow Jn Bridge Wm Aylett Jn         Prentice widow Robt Rookes Hen Abbott senior Jn Lucas Dan Lea Robt Gylott Mich Heyward Nich Pierce in right of his wife Thos Smyth alias Baylie in right of his wife Mary Upcher widow Jn Middleton senior Clem Turner guardian of Jn Prentice Wm Greene Hen Wade Robt Davy Roger Bewers Jn Wade Jn Meadow Jn Middleton Robt Cells Rich Essex of Mersey and Giles Crowe tenants of this manor and residents within the precincts of this vie w made their separate suits at this court and were released from the homage through the grace of the court