Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

4.6.1628 (Wednesday 4 June 1628)

document 38300012

at this court Thos Harlakenden gentleman Jn Hawksby clerk Jn Little gentleman Roger Harlakenden gentleman Rose Church widow Barth Church gentleman Ann Harlakenden Wm Stephens gentleman Rich Ward# (torn) Jeff Potter Nich Pierce in right of his wife Robt Rooke Sam Haddock in right of his wife Hen Abbott senior in right of his wife Jn Lucas gentleman Jn Cooke guardian of his children Edw Bridgewood gentleman Robt Smyth Hen Cony Wm Addams Thos Baylie alias Smyth in the right of his wife Jn Clarke Kath Green# Benedict Scott Robt Arminall alias Miller Barth Clark Thos Allyn Jn Allen Jn Bridge Wm Fawcet Jn Pennock Edw Layer Edw Somerson Rich Tyler Tobias Cressner Thos Fannyng are tenants of this manor and residents within the precincts of this view and brought their separate suits to this court and were excused from the homage by the grace of the court