Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

16.2.1631 (Wednesday 16 February 1631)

document 38301664

at this court Thos Harlakenden gentleman Jn Hawksby clerk Roger Harlakenden gentleman Wm Bridgewood gentleman Rose Church widow Ann Harlakenden Joan Warde widow Hen Abbott senior in right of his wife Clem Turnor guardian of Jn Prentice Jn Betts Edw Browne Jn Abbott Ambrose Waller Agnes Birde widow Jeremy Cooke Robt Till in right of his wife Robt Smyth Hen Cony Joan Gylott Edw illegible text Thos Harvey Thos Prentice Thos Allen Jn Allen Robt Andrewes Agnes Coggeshall widow Rich Allen and Margery Pennyfather tenants of this manor made their separate suits and were released from the homage by this court