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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr70)

9.6.1495 (Tuesday 9 June 1495)

document 59600009

the chief pledge with the homage Thos Brigge the tenants of the land of Pecock's Rich Sympsone Geof Audeley Walt Tedder Nich Moore Robt Booner Wm Parker Jn Ridnale Jn James Jn Gernon Wm Berton Jn Cobbe Jn Wastelin Jn Lingwood Rich Berry alias Woodstocke Gilb Wrighte Jn Shawe Robt Clerke the tenant of Jn White Simon Beuecrofte Robt Materas Clem Sandall Jn Stone Wm Carter Thos Jakes Jn Tilwicke Wm Clerke Jn Marche senior Jn Marche junior Wm Warryn Wm Sprigge Wm Melbie Wm Cocke Thos Manninge Jn Waite senior Wm Hawke Thos Hunte Jn Clerke Edw Nicholl Wm Norfolke Rich Brome Jn Swan Robt Tebold Robt Illey Rich Brome (sic twice) Hen Northey