Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

14.6.1595 (Saturday 14 June 1595)

document 67000872

appearance of tenants and deceners to this court came Wm Fisher gentleman Wm Stephens gentleman Wm Adams clerk Edw Catte Edw Clements Hen Abbotte junior Robt Crowe Robt Reade Jn Evans Israel Ennewes Lance Gillotte Peter Gillotte Wm Garrard Agnes Babie Robt Manning Thos Bailie alias Lymington Joan Pierson widow Wm Wade Esdras Wade Jn Sparrowe Robt Rookes Jas Smith guardian of Jn Smith Thos Smith Rich Sampford Edw Wade Joan Finch widow Jn Sawen in the right of his wife Rich Underwood Barth Marche Edith Leffingwell Roger Marche Thos Allen Rich Mapas Agnes Garrard widow Rich Ward Francis Burton Frankham Harrison Hen Bridge Geo Pilgrim Francis Wright Jn Warren Jn Parker Wm Browne Jn Sparrowe Rich Clark alias Gutterhole Thos Crispe and Robt Allen tenants and residents within the precinct of this leet in their proper persons came and made their several suits and are discharged from the homage at this time for certain causes the court moving