Star Chamber (PRO STAC8/163/9 Rich Harlakenden v Wm Eedies et al)

23.5.4Jas1 (Friday 23 May 1606)

document 19100242

sworn Rich Harlakenden of Earls Colne the right honourable Edw de Vere late earl of Oxford was in his life lawfully seised in his demesne of a watermill in the parish of Earls Colne called Colne Mill or Colneford Mill and of one parcel or garden north of the mill sometime part of firmary garden and of all the profits etc from these and also of two parcels meadow or pasture attached situate in the said parish all parcel of Colne Priory in Earls Colne he did by service done by Hen Pullen sometime servant by a deed indented between them 17.5.27Eliz1 grant and let to Hen Pullen all the mill formerly mentioned and meadow and pasture except reserved to him one parcel of the fish to be taken in river and floodgate this lease was for twenty one years at 40s4d per annum paid in two equal parts at michaelmas and annunciation the earl transferred the lands to Rich Harlakenden and Hen Pullen peaceably paid his rent during his life never claiming to have any other lease eight years ago Hen Pullen died and since then his lease ended and the premises reverted to Rich Harlakenden and a deed was drawn up between him and Sam Diglette of Halsted 20.10.2Jas1 leasing him the watermill and the parcel of pasture and meadow from the end of Hen Pullen's lease for twenty one years Sam Diglette entered and took possession but one Wm Eedies of Colne Engaine marrying Mary Pullen daughter of Hen got his estate by will and finding the said term of lease nearly ended stirred up partly out of inveterate malice and hatred conceived for your subject partly of covetous desire to enrich himself a false conspiracy with others unknown 1.4.last and willingly forged a false writing and deed of lease about .5.28Eliz1 for twenty one years from 1.5.1606 at 40s4d per annum that the interest of the farmer Diglette might be troubled they the said Wm Eedies and his wife Mary well knowing the deed to be false at Earls Colne on the 17.5. of this instant may did falsely publish and show the same false deed and affirmed it to be good and true though such lease was never made thereby depriving Diglette of the estate and Harlakenden of his yearly rent and not content on 16.5. instant formerly combined with Wm Strutte of Colchester in Essex shoemaker Jn Diglette of Earls Colne miller Edw Smith of Braintree gentleman Jn Smith of Earls Colne labourer and Robt Peartree one of the constables of Earls Colne with others unknown and all these being assembled and arrayed with swords daggers knives pitchforks and handirons daggers bows and arrows pikestaves etc as well invasive as defensive did on 17.5. at Earls Colne in very riotous manner enter upon the mill violently expelling your subject's farmer there from and also did stab wound one Jn Cooper of Earls Colne servant to your subject in so much as he did hardly escape without danger to his life and the said Robt Peartree under colour of his office and pretence to keep peace laid violent hands on the said Sam Diglette your subject's farmer the rest took possession of the premises pretending it was to keep the peace but it was in execution of the former plot after which riots the riotous persons 17.5.last assembled by the assent and abetment of Wm Eedies and his wife Mary and others for strengthening of their riots viz Jn Sillitoe of Earls Colne and Dan Rande of Coggeshall butcher and Francis Wright of Earls Colne shoemaker who joined the rioters and in riotous manner being armed with all manner of weapons kept possession of the premises from the said 17.5.last till 18.5. being some day remaining boasting that there should come forth men to remove them but that they should be possessors of it whereupon your subject was constrained to go to mr Thos Waldegrave Bewers justice of the peace for removing them and dispersing them