Person Index - Geof Potter

Appears in the text as:
Monday 4 June 1571Wills2700005
Sunday 1 July 1571Wills2700282
Thursday 27 February 1578Wills2800387
Tuesday 6 May 1578Archdeaconry Act Book1002056
Tuesday 27 May 1578Wills2800434
Archdeaconry Act Book1002090
Monday 17 December 1580Wills2802201
Tuesday 8 March 1586Wills2901263
1598Terrier to accompany Map of Earls Colne and Colne Priory Manors44702150
September 1598Colne Priory Rental43501342
Thursday 22 August 1605Wills4000108
Sunday 19 September 1680Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates9701527
Sunday 31 October 1680Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates9800077
Sunday 19 October 1690Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates10000075
Sunday 11 October 1691Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates10000311
Sunday 9 April 1699Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates10100651