Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

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Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 6d1h Edw Daniell 1802 Jn Pearl Jackson a maltster at Boxford Suffolk - on death of his grandmother Hannah the widow of Wm Firmin under his grandfather's will. 23.3.1820 Jackson made a conditional surrender to Wm Dennis a bookbinder at Ipswich, on loan of £250 - 23.5.1826 - This money not being repaid the surrender was made absolute and Wm Dennis admitted, who at same court surrendered the premises to Edw Daniell to one messuage called Mordens - and a moiety of a parcel of land called Toll-house Green used as a yard to the said tenement - and one tenement called Wallers near Toll-house Green which tenements were then in the several occupations of Thos East Jn Stowers (Towers ) Thos Sadd Wm French Jas Owers Wm Suckling Wm Ruffle Math White Thos Savill

joint fine on Dennis and Daniell £60

no. 30 (30) (30a) Commutation map - Cottages and gardens 3r26p

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These premises now consist of 8 tenements the largest of which with timber yard and outbuildings is occupied by Steph Hubbard carpenter. 1854 Steph Hubbard told me that he had purchased the whole of these premises of mr Daniell for £330 - and that the annual rents were £38.10s - That he was allowed 7 years to pay the purchase money - paying interest at 5percent - and the principal by instalments. He said that he did not intend to be admitted - Edw Daniell therefore continues tenant on the rolls - and should he die before Hubbard is admitted, the latter will be subject to a death fine

Terrier 1598 - Fo. 60 Wallers Mordens - etc. - Robt Parker

1725 Robt Harris

1772 Judith Cross

1784 Wm Firmin

1800 Hannah Firmin

1802 J. Pearl Jackson

1826 Wm Dennis and at same court surrendered to Edw Daniell

Harris Hills (son of Jn ) admitted to these premises on surrender of Edw Daniell 18.3.1858 - Enfranchised the same 29.4.1858 and in 1859 pulled down all the tenements and erected a mechanic's institute, 2 shops and 8 cottage residences