Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000885

copyhold of Earldom - Josiah Cornelius Thorne will of Edw Woolmer father of his wife - 20.10.1847

To all that messuage called Brayes situate near the White Lion. It is only in 1825 on admission of Joseph Drago that this description of "near the White Lion" got into the rolls - it is on the opposite side of the street and nearer Colne Green than the White Lion - it would be more correct to say situate in Church Street opposite Burrows (now called Meeting House) Lane - quitrent 1s

1744 Kath Bott will of husband Jos

1757 Wm Bott death of mother Kath

1788 Mary Bott will of husband

1799 Sarah Bott will of father and death of her mother

1810 Jn Pitstow surrender Sarah Bott

1825 Joseph Drago surrender assignees Jn Pitstow

1827 Wm Impey surrender of Drago

1841 Edw Woolmer surrender executors Wm Impey

1847 death fine £38

parcel of Cloviers quitrent lost

parcel of the adjoining copyhold premises called Cloviers (the residue of Thos Wing 1854 ) was separated 1676 when Jn Garrett was admitted on surrender of Mary Nicholls (Mary Harrington ) - to parcel of Cloviers viz a cottage late a barn belonging to the premises and a yard late divided with pales, in length 45ft and in breadth 28ft - the use of a well and a way from the said tenement to the street

1689 Jn Garrett death of uncle Jn to the same

1701 Joseph Bayley surrender Jn Garrett

I cannot trace any admission beyond this - Jn Pitstow told me that he purchased the premises as freehold of     Lorkin -     Lorkin of Goddard - The cottage etc was pulled down by Pitstow and the whole laid into the garden of his adjoining copyhold called Brayes - The executors of Wm Impey sold by auction on 30.10.1840 - particulars of sale express " as they have no earlier title to the freehold part of the estate than the conveyance of 1791 they will not be bound to show the title previous to that conveyance

Commutation map 1836 no. 37 (37) (37a) - 1r21p Wm Impey

Terrier 1598 fo. 6 Brayes - Hen Bridge

abstract title p.    

sketch plan

37 (37) Brayes

A. parcel of Cloviers bought by Jn Pitstow in 1791 and laid into these premises - claimed as freehold

Since this came into the occupation of C.J. Thorne (who married Woolmer's daughter) he has added stable, chaise house and other outbuildings on the west side of the house