Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

10.12.1609 (Tuesday 10 December 1609)

document 37600167

and also they believe that Jeff Litle gentleman 6d Hen Drurie gentleman 6d Wm Marshal gentleman 6d Jn Aylette 2d Hen Bridge 2d Jn Cockerell 6d Francis Hall exonerated Margt Hall exonerated Robt Michell Dina Wade widow Edw Clemens exonerated Robt Knighte 2d Thos Man 10s Thos Collen 2d Wm Cawche 2d Thos Smithe also Bailie in right of his wife 2d Jn Woodward exonerated Roger Brownson Thos Harvie 2d Agnes Porter widow Thos Norfolk Wm Greene Lance Prior 2d Jn Bunner 2d Randolph Greene exonerated Ann Greene exonerated Jane Greene exonerated Grace Greene exonerated Benedict Scotte 6d Jn Humfrie 10s Jas Burton 2d Wm Dashe 2d Jn Sawen 2d Hen Morley 2d Francis Wrighte 2d Wm Smithe 2d Hen Wrighte Moses Tailor 2d Wm Tailor 2d Thos Fippes 2d Jn Hare (may be Jn Hare) 2d Alban Sillito 2d Jn Ketle Sam Tiler Robt Allen Jn Sillito Leo Willson Jn Harre (may be Jn Harre) Thos Saundersonn senior Robt Berry Thos Sillito junior Jn Browneson junior Jn Brewer and Jn Catte are tenants of this manor and suitors of this court and this day made default therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their names