Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

17.5.1630 (Monday 17 May 1630)

document 38301174

at this court Thos Harlakenden gentleman Jn Hawksby clerk Roger Harlakenden gentleman Wm Stephens gentleman Ann Harlakenden Jeff Potter Hen Abbott senior in right of his wife Joan Warde widow Robt Rookes Thos Prior senior Robt Crowe Jn Bullock Joan Gylott widow (sic but unmarried) Robt Smyth Hen Cony Robt Parker Jn Smyth (may be Jn Smyth) Edw Clark Jn Clark Kath Greene widow Lance Prior Thos Harvey Sam Game Benedict Scott Jas Burton Thos Allyn Jn Allyn Robt Andrewes in right of his wife Wm Fawcett Edw Layer Thos# Allyn (may be Thos# Allyn) Margery Pennyfather widow Edw Somerson Francis Wright Robt Fynch and Wm Greene# tenants of this manor and resident within the precincts of this court made their separate suits at this court and were released from the homage from the matters of the court