Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr80)

27.12.1676 (Friday 27 December 1676)

document 39800648

and also the jurors aforesaid say on their oath that Nich Brag esq in the right of his wife Geo Cressener gentleman Ralph Josselin clerk Jn Izarson Jn Amey Jn Rosbrooke Robt Potter junior Thos Cockerill Mary Cony widow     Ballard widow     Rogers clerk Theodosia Harris widow Ann Turner Thos Chaplin Wm Paretree lady Hester Honywood Robt Carter Jn Alston in right of his wife Wm Creeke in right of his wife Barth Alston Jas Day Jn Pennocke Wm Davy Jn Finch Rich Caplin Jas Pryor Mabel Elliston widow Wm Andrews Grace Abbutt Hen Prentice in right of his wife Jn Ellis Thos Fuller Abraham Davy Wm Aylett gentleman Wm Heckford the heirs of Robt Nicholl's Thos Savill gentleman Wm Death Dan Harrington in right of his wife Wm Gladwin Wm Stebbing junior Hen Abbutt junior Thos Cockerell (appears twice)     Ames widow Wm Stebbing senior gentleman Robt Newton     Mole widow Rich Ward Wm Greene Jas Linnett Jn Carter Helen Pudney Thos Rayner Jn Raven Edw Johnson Dan Leper Ann Burton widow Wm Brewer gentleman the heirs of Wm Harlakenden esq Jn Pease Walt Pease and Jn Crow junior are tenants of this manor and owe suit at this court and this day made default therefore each of them in mercy 3d