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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr82)

24.3.1696 (Tuesday 24 March 1696)

document 40400037

who say on their oath that Edw Warren Jn Hatch Hen Hatch Gilb Smith gentleman Jn Cressener esq Wm Fossett Hen Abbott senior Hen Abbott junior Geo Toller Xoph Fossett Jn Last Abrm Christmas Jn Shepard Wm Peartree (may be Wm Peartree) Wm Andrews Jn Sparrow Jn Payne Jn Ludgater Jn Bayly Jn Fletcher Edw Abbutt Hen Adams Jn Patrick Robt Warren Humph Ruggles Roger Root Jn Crow Rich Appleton Rich Capplin Splanden Vangover Thos Rayner all inhabitants with precincts of this leet who owe suit of court have defaulted each in mercy 4d