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Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

9.6.35Eliz1 (Saturday 9 June 1593)

document 66901736

at this court Wm Barnard gentleman Robt Churche dd Wm Stevens gentleman Jn Ailette Humph Brock Mary Catte widow Joan Culverton Jn Gremard Peter Gilette Xoph Isaack Wm Mace Robt Manninge Thos Pollie senior Joan Pierson widow Albery Prior Ralph Sidaie Thos Smithe Jas Smith Rich Sampford Eliz Smith widow Thos Sansome Joan Tracer Jn Ward Esdras Wade Joan Finche widow Geof Finche Rich Smithe Marge Pearetree widow Franc Stevens Jn Kendall Wm Potter Wm Hamonde Jn Coote Thos Wade Wm Smithe Rich Clarke Clem Conny Jn Knight the younger Clem Turner Jn Peartree Wm Goodwine Jn Wentford Geo Fisher are essoined of the common essoin by Jn Churche gentleman and others