Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

9.6.35Eliz1 (Saturday 9 June 1593)

document 66901827

to this court came Thos Allen Wm Adhams clerk Edw Clemens Hen Abbotte junior Robt Crowe Jn Evans Jn Greene Lawrence Gilette Rich Hayward Agnes Baby widow Jn Knight Jn Peerson Jn Tracer Wm Veysie Wm Wade Robt Parker Zach Broade Nich Pierce Jn Brewer Jn Sparrowe Thos Turnor Wm Browne Moses Tailor Rich Clarke Rich Parker Jn Layer Franc Wright Thos Crispe Rich Paine Rich Warde Geo Pilgrime Jn Jegon tenants of this manor and resident within the precinct of this leet in their proper persons came and made their several suits and are discharged of the homage for this time