Poor Rate (ERO D/P209/8)

25.3.1722-14.4.1723 (Sunday 25 March 1722)

document 10701260

an account of burials in Earls Colne from easter 1722 to easter 1723 (buried) in woollen a child of Francis Hallibred 27.3.1722 (buried) in woollen Jacob Green 22.4.1722 (buried) in woollen the wife of Jn Leaper 25.4.1722 (buried) in woollen mr Edw Cressener 1.5.1722 (buried) in woollen mr Jn Cressener his son 1.5.1722 (buried) in woollen a child of Jn Sadd 14.5.1722 (buried) in woollen Sarah the wife of the said Jn Sadd 21.5.1722 (buried) in woollen Thos son of Thos Barnard vicar 20.7.1722 (buried) in woollen Edw son of Edw Osbourne 15.7.1722 in woollen a child of Dan Cobb 24.7.1722 (buried) in woollen Ann daughter of Edw Crabbe 31.7.1722 (buried) in woollen Martha Jennins in the quakers burying place 22.10.1722 (buried) in woollen Susanna the wife of     Hughes 20.10.1722 (buried) in woollen a child of Thos Brackley 30.9.1722 (buried) in woollen Edw Johnson 10.11.1722 (buried) in woollen Susanna Hatch 14.11.1722 (buried) in linen Geo Cressener esq 15.11.1722 (buried) in woollen Sarah the wife of Sam Gyon 16.11.1722 in woollen Thos the child of Thos Sadd 21.11.1722 (buried) in woollen a child of Oliver Johnson 26.11.1722 (buried) in woollen Francis Bullard 27.11.1722 (buried) in woollen Jn Franklen clerk 7.12.1722 (buried) in woollen Jn Paine 14.1.1723 (buried) in woollen Jn a child of Wm Ellis 15.1.1723 (buried) in woollen Mary a child of Thos Bridge 12.3.1723 (buried) in woollen Susanna (Sarah in register) wife of Dan Cobb 4.4.1723 (buried) in woollen Susanna Fossett 12.4.1723 being duly certified to Thos Barnard vicar Earls Colne Essex
we allow the accounts for the year last past and do nominate and appoint Thos Angier and Jn Pratt together with the churchwardens to be overseers of the poor of the said parish for the year ensuing given under our hands and seals this 18.4.1723 Rich Androwes Jn Eldred due to the churchwardens 6li6s2d Sandal paid 4s6d Gyon